Suzanne & JUDY

Our First Mates help add fun and smiles to our customers .With there knowledge of local waters and sites.

Our Staff


Having fun on the Florida water since 1973, Tiki Safari was the result of one amazing snorkeling trip off the coast of south florida  beaches. Let us help you discover the beauty of the intracostal and ocean, its inhabitants and its mystery. From  excursions to special events hosted by our experts, we're here to connect you with the water.

  • Adult and child life vest provided
  • Bluetooth speaker on board
  • 110V outlet for charger
  • Masks & Snorkles on board

           you may bring your own

  •  water captain services avaliable
  • Inland and Inter national
  • Cold Water On Board 
  • Cold Soda and chips for sale 
  • Room for your own  food and drinks small coolers welcome
  • Water safety equipment
  • Captian trained in CPR and as a emergency responder 
  • Licensed and insured
  • Custom itineraries
  • Annual group trips


About our TRIPS


 Three Bums Baily, rain and bosco

Sent up north to Michigan for rehab Don"t end up like them enjoy the Fun Water and Sun here in Florida.

Never been in the intracostal or ocean? Don't worry! Tiki Safari works with new snorklers and swimmers, and clients of all ages. We've taken families on full snorkel trips to peanut Island and nearby ocean reefs. Fun for  honeymooners, friends,family and just those looking for fun. Let us help you prepare to enjoy an adventure like none other.


We're outfitted to help you make a splash.


  • 20' Pontoon Boat Riff Raft
  • Coming soon 32' pontoon Boat

Snorkle Equipment:

  • Masks and snorkle provided 
  • You are welcome to bring your own, Wings Store on singer island has great prices 

Charter Business

Licensed Captain "&" Insured




Captain Serge

Our Captian has over 10 years experience in local waters.